Arts On Line Education Update February 5, 2018


Senate Education Committee

The committee accepted substitute bills of the following:


SB216 SCHOOL REGULATIONS (Huffman) To enact the “Ohio Public School Deregulation Act” regarding the administration of preschool and primary and secondary education programs.

The committee accepted a substitute bill moved by Sen. Terhar, which allows districts to substitute the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment, changes the highly qualified teacher definition as well as addresses gifted education and College Credit Plus.

Sen. Terhar indicated that the substitute amendment was necessary for additional updates in the works.


SB82 SCHOOL ABSENCES (Williams, Lehner) To require a public school to place a telephone call within one hour of the start of the school day to a parent whose child is absent.

Sponsoring Rep. Sandra Williams explained the substitute measure expands the timeframe a school must notify parents from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. It also allows other forms of notification, like texting, to inform a parent their child is not at school.


House Education and Career Readiness Committee

The committee heard testimony on the following last week:


HB428 STUDENT EXPRESSION (Ginter, LaTourette) Regarding student religious expression and to entitle the act the “Ohio Student Religious Liberties Act of 2018.”

Josh Brown, Legal Counsel and Director of Policy for Citizens for Community Values (CCV), was one of three who provided proponent testimony on HB428.

Mr. Brown testified that HB428 is necessary because “Across the nation, students are being told that they have to leave their faith at the door when they go to school, despite the fact that our laws protect their right to exercise their faith anywhere they are.”

Using stories from different students, Brown described school environments that were unfriendly to a student’s expression of their faith. “Students are also citizens of Ohio, and Ohio must not, through its laws or its institutions, interfere with the rights of religious conscience of its citizens,” he said. “This measure would ensure that citizen students retain the right to their religious expression, and are not to be penalized, marginalized or ostracized for exercising this right in an educational setting.”

Berry Sheets, also from CCV, indicated that although the Ohio constitution already protects students’ religious expressions, HB428 is necessary for clarification.


HB438 ESC BOARDS (Hambley, Kick) To permit the addition of appointed members to educational service center boards and to permit a local school district to sever its territory from one educational service center and annex that territory to an adjacent service center under specified conditions.

Craig Burford, executive director of the Ohio Educational Service Center Association (OESCA), testified that “Ohio’s current ESC governance structure is reflective of a bygone era in which our primary customers were ‘local’ school districts and our client base was bound by geographic territory. Neither of those is true anymore.”  Burford continued to say “the bill before you begins to move ESC governance in a more positive direction reflective of current realities including our client base and the programs and services provided by our members.”

William J. Koran, superintendent of the Educational Service Center of Medina County, also supported the flexibility that he said the measure would provide. “By allowing an elected Governing Board to appoint up to four new members from unrepresented entities, this will allow additional districts to have a voice in the governance of the Educational Service Center that serves their districts,” he said. “Each county that would be affected by this bill has a different demographic makeup through its combination of city, local and exempted village school districts. Consequently, every plan will be different.”


House Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee

The committee voted out the following legislation:


HB58 CURSIVE HANDWRITING INSTRUCTION (Brenner, Slaby) To require instruction in cursive handwriting.

Vice Chair Antani moved to favorably report the bill out of committee. The committee voted unanimously to report the bill.




HB491 SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS-SPECIFIED SERVICES (Edwards) To require the State Board of Education to issue a substitute license to specified pupil services personnel.





Throughout a day-long forum last Wednesday, state education leaders called for Ohio to invest more cash and energy to increase the number of residents holding a degree or credential. The state’s goal is for 65 percent of Ohioans to have a degree or credential by 2025. Currently, Ohio stands around 43 percent, rating it 33rd in attainment among the states.

A report distributed at the Statehouse event includes a handful of policy recommendations that Sen. Lehner and Rep. Brenner said the state needs to take seriously. They include additional investment in early childhood education, high quality teachers and need-based higher education grants. Additional efforts discussed to reach the attainment goal were increasing access to quality early learning, changing the state’s approach to career-technical education and increasing the state’s offering of need-based financial aid for higher education.





Tuesday, February 6

9:30 a.m. Ohio Department of Education, 25 South Front Street, Columbus

The STEM Committee will discuss the STEM and STEAM school application review process for 2018, hear from guest presenters regarding quality arts and design integration in STEAM and identify solutions for building teacher capacity in computer science instruction.


Wednesday, February 7

3:15 p.m. Ohio Statehouse Senate South Hearing Room

Senate Education Committee Chair: Lehner

  • SB82 (Williams/Lehner) Call parents if student absent from school without excuse 5th Hearing Proponent/Opponent/Interested Party
  • SB216 (Huffman) Enact Public School Deregulation Act-primary/secondary ed-testing 6th Hearing, Proponent/Opponent/Interested Party
  • HB98 (Duffey/Boggs) Address career information presentations to students 2nd Hearing, Proponent
  • HB21 (Hambley) Verify community school enrollments 1st Hearing, Sponsor





Ohio Department of Education Announces Summer Food Service Program Plans

The Ohio Department of Education wants to increase participation in summer meal programs and is actively seeking local nonprofit agencies to participate as sponsors or sites by providing free meals to children. With the help of numerous sponsoring agencies and stakeholders, the Summer Food Service Program works to feed thousands of children in Ohio. Since 2014, Ohio has increased participation in the program by 10 percent.





The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools released its annual ranking of states’ charter school statutes. The 2018 report ranks Ohio as 23rd out of the 45 states that allow charter schools. The ratings measure states’ laws for their inclusion of 21 “essential components” of a strong law, including provisions addressing growth caps, types of schools and sponsors allowed, funding and exemptions from certain education and labor laws. The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is a national nonprofit organization committed to advancing the public charter school movement.  For the full report click here.






PD logoArts Assessment: Evidence of Success
High-quality assessments are an integral part of measuring and monitoring student growth and informing classroom instruction. Arts educators are often left on their own to develop assessments and identify student growth measures, often without adequate background in assessment design and implementation.

Our Arts Assessment Professional Development workshop will help educators acquire skills in developing, reviewing, and selecting high-quality assessments. Sessions will focus on foundations of assessment literacy, quality assessment design and an understanding of why they are important to instruction and student learning. Workshops are appropriate for all fine arts disciplines (including dance, music, theater and visual arts.)

Workshops will focus on these topics:

  • How to prioritize fine arts standards
  • Deconstruction of standards
  • Aligning assessments with standards
  • Principles of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge
  • Arts assessment blueprints – plan of action and creating assessments
  • Sharing with & learning from colleagues
  • Assessment resources on the Ohio Arts Collaborative website

To schedule professional development sessions for your district’s fine arts teaching staff contact:

Ohio Alliance for Arts Education

Downloadable flyer to share with administrators and colleagues: Arts Assessment: Evidence of Success

OAAC_logo_finalThe Ohio Alliance for Arts Education is a leading member of the Ohio Arts Assessment Collaborative, a consortium of Ohio school districts, Battelle for Kids, the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education, and the Ohio State University.

Upcoming public sessions hosted by Educational Service Centers:
Host: Summit ESC
Date: March 7, 2018
To register contact:


Arts On Line keeps arts education advocates informed about issues dealing with the arts, education, policy, research, and opportunities.

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This update is written weekly by Andrea Kruse, OAAE’s Research and Information Coordinator.


About OAAE

It is the mission of the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education to ensure that the arts are an integral part of the education of every Ohioan. We believe that: * All children in school must have quality arts education provided by licensed arts educators * All Ohioans have the right to expect quality arts education * All arts programs must have adequate resources * All arts and cultural organizations and artists have a critical role in arts education Learn more at
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