Arts On Line Education Update May 15, 2017


Arts On Line Research Consultant, Joan Platz, has written a thorough summary of HB49 as passed by the House of Representatives May 2, 2017.  This analysis covers the bill in its entirety and shows how education and the arts fit into the picture.  The summary can be reviewed here.


With the budget bill now in the hands of the Senate, the Higher Education Subcommittee heard testimony from several agencies on the impact of the proposed funding levels.  Ohio Arts Council (OAC) Executive Director Donna Collins was one of many testifying on behalf of their organization last week.  Ms. Collins stressed the success OAC has had with their educational art programs as well as with administering grants to various organizations throughout the state.  With only 16 on staff, the OAC costs the state a modest amount which as Ms. Collins reported “totals less than 0.04% of the state’s total GRF appropriations, but produces a big return on investment.”  She continued to say, “In the last grant cycle, every OAC dollar was matched with local and private funds at a tremendous ratio of 56:1.”


The Senate Finance Committee on Primary and Secondary Education heard from concerned school districts that felt more change was needed to the school funding formula, particularly districts losing Tangible Personal Property tax dollars.  Although the House softened the blow with their final version of HB49, districts who rely heavily on property taxes say they will never be able to make up that loss of funds when the TPP is finally phased out.  Members of the Coalition for Fiscal Fairness for Ohio presented a plan that would help districts in this situation by ensuring they receive the same funding as in Fiscal Year 2015.




May 8 & 9



During last week’s State Board meeting, the Board’s standing committees each reviewed their assigned portion of Ohio’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan.  The committees will review the remainder of ESSA plan at the June meeting with the intent of the full Board approving the plan at the July meeting.  The plan would then be sent to Governor Kasich by August 18 to give him a full 30 days of review before the final Ohio ESSA plan would be officially submitted by the September 18 deadline.


The State Board Committees have been assigned the following sections for their review:


Accountability & Continuous Improvement Committee

May Meeting: 21st Century (section G) & Homeless Children (I)

June Meeting: Accountability/Improvement (A4) & Appendix A


Achievement & Graduation Requirements Committee

May Meeting: School Conditions (A6) / School Transitions (A7) / English Language Learners (E)

June Meeting: Eighth Grade Math Exception (A2) / Native Language Assessments (A3) / Rural and Low Income Schools (H)


Educators & Student Options Committee

May Meeting: Access to Educators (A5)

June Meeting: Effective Instruction (D)


Executive Committee

May Meeting: Neglected, Delinquent, or At-Risk (C)

June Meeting: Migratory Children (B) / Student Support/Enrichment Grants (F)



The Board’s Accountability and Continuous Improvement Committee voted to adopt a model policy on student truancy and absenteeism as required by House Bill 410.  HB410 was passed in December 2016 to encourage and support a preventative approach to excessive absences and truancy.  The model policy, as well as the release form to allow school officials to access data protected under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), are set to be voted on by the entire Board during the June meeting.




Newly Introduced Legislation:

HB203 SUMMER JOBS (Barnes, J.)

To require the Director of Development Services to establish a youth summer jobs pledging initiative to increase access to summer employment opportunities for high school and college youth.


HB200 SCHOOL CHOICE (Koehler, K.)

To eliminate the Educational Choice Scholarship Pilot Program and Pilot Project Scholarship Program and to create the Opportunity Scholarship Program.


House Education and Career Readiness Committee

Proponent testimony was given on HB47, the bill to ensure students serving in uniformed services are able to participate in extracurricular school activities.  The committee also heard HB170 sponsor testimony from Reps. Rick Carfagna (R-Genoa Township) and Mike Duffey (R-Worthington) as well as proponent testimony.  This bill addresses academic content standards and curriculum requirements for computer science as well as revises educator qualifications for computer science.


House State and Local Government Committee

The committee heard testimony on HB134, the bill to allow a school district to use community improvements board grants for permanent improvements outside the county so long as the improvements are within the school district.



Joint Education Oversight Committee (JEOC)

JEOC Executive Director, Lauren Monowar-Jones, presented the JEOC research agenda to the committee on Thursday, May 11.  One area of the research is commercially used assessments administered in Ohio schools.  Monowar-Jones hopes to determine which assessments each school district is using, the duration of the testing and if it is more than the law requires, as well as the sense of usage for the assessment.  The JEOC also plans to study the access students have to career technical education.



Tuesday, May 16

11:00 a.m., Room 115

Higher Education and Workforce Development, Chair: Duffey

HB166 Reineke/Cupp, 1st Hearing, Sponsor Testimony

Revise workforce development laws


SubSB3 Beagle/Balderson, 1st Hearing, Sponsor Testimony

Review workforce development laws


4:00 p.m., Room 121

Education and Career Readiness  Chair: Brenner  

HB170 Carfagna/Duffey, 2nd Hearing, All Testimony

Address computer science curriculum


HB200 Koehler, 1st Hearing, Sponsor Testimony

Create Opportunity Scholarship Program


HB176 Thompson, 1st Hearing, Sponsor Testimony

Address school assessments and curricula and teacher evaluations




StateImpact Ohio: Charter School Loophole Will Be Fixed in State Senate

“Dayton area Republican State Senator Peggy Lehner, says she’s ready to fix a provision allowing a failing school to continue operating by changing sponsors, who wouldn’t be punished for the schools performance. Because the state’s Legislative Services Committee drafted the amendment, the problem is fixable, Lehner says.”


Cleveland Plain Dealer: Supreme Court rules search that found bullets was constitutional

“The search of a high school student’s backpack that authorities say led to the discovery of bullets and later a gun was constitutional, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled Thursday.  At issue before the high court was whether the search of the backpack following an initial search violated the student’s privacy rights, which are generally weaker inside school walls.”

Columbus Dispatch: Officer rules ECOT owes $60 million

“A state hearing officer ruled against ECOT on Wednesday, determining the online school owes $60 million for enrollment that cannot be justified.  The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow could not justify most of its enrollment, and thus was overpaid by $64 million last school year, hearing officer Lawrence Pratt wrote in his recommendation, which now goes to the state Board of Education. He said the board should collect $60 million of that overpayment or deduct it from the school’s future payments.”


Akron Beacon Journal: Proposals would ban schools from challenging property taxes or make them pay opponent’s attorneys when they lose

“School districts and businesses are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawyers to fight over property taxes.  Schools want to collect more, and businesses try to pay less.  It’s a quiet and expensive game of cat-and-mouse that plays out each year in Columbus or county offices where property values are adjusted, challenged and readjusted. Each tweak impacts tax bills.”


TWC News: In Focus: Preparing Students for the Future

“State Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria discusses the new graduation requirements and the different paths.”


Cleveland Plain Dealer: School leads effort to develop non-grade high school transcript

“More than 100 independent schools, including Hawken and Laurel, have collaborated to invent a high school transcript that shows accomplishments instead of grades.”





OHIO: The Start of it All – July 27 – October 14, 2017

The Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery, located in downtown Columbus, presents OHIO: The Start of it All, July 27 – October 14, 2017. Curated by Dan Chudzinski of the University of Findlay’s Mazza Museum, the exhibition consists of 60 original children’s book illustrations based on people, places, inventions, and more related to the great state of Ohio. Exhibition tours will be available beginning in early August through the run of the exhibition. For more information, contact OAC Riffe Gallery Director Mary Gray at or 614-728-2239.


Greater Cincinnati Alliance for Art Education

Save the date November 7 for the Greater Cincinnati Alliance for Art Education’s Professional Development Day.  More details will be released in a couple months, for additional information please email

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