Franklin County Neighborhood Arts Award Announcement: July 2015

The Ohio Alliance for Arts Education has awarded eight community organizations a total of $4,125 during the most recent round of the Franklin County Neighborhood Arts program. The Franklin County Neighborhood Arts program supports neighborhood and community groups with public arts projects in all disciplines.

The following is a list of organizations and grant amounts for the most recent round of funding:

Buckeye Ranch – $300

Buckeye Ranch Intercultural Festival

This annual event was created to ensure the delivery of culturally competent services. The goal is to enhance exposure to, and an appreciation and understanding of difference depicted through food and visual and performing arts.

Maroon Arts Group – $500

A Real “Nigga” Show

A choreopoem collection of short stories sharing the experiences and opinions of how one word can take on many different meanings.

McConnell Arts Center of Worthington – $500

Café Mac

Partnering with local musicians, the MAC offers free music, coffee and wifi every Tuesday night in our main gallery space. Set in a gallery filled with local artwork, neighborhood music lovers, friends, and casual MAC attendees find the halls filled with music every Tuesday night.

Positively Clintonville – $475

The Art of Civility

The Positively Clintonville group will work with art classes in local middle schools to develop posters/ materials promoting the concept of civility. Student work will be displayed in a variety of community venues.

Roy G Biv Gallery – $750


Exhibition of the best cutting-edge photography, video and digital art by Ohio artists. ImageOHIO will showcase 20-25 up-and-coming artists, and will offer severaleducational opportunities for students at Fort Hayes (the exhibition site) and for the public.

Sacred Music LLC – $600

Raag-Taal: Indian Performing Arts Workshop And Concert

Bringing together diverse performing arts on one stage, the concert will highlight the ancient heritage of India, providing a rare opportunity to experience the three primary classical dance forms of India, and the diverse traditions of North and South Indian classical music.

The STEAM Factory at The Ohio State University – $500

STEAMart Project for Collaborative Community Engagement in Research

Collabration with a local artist to offer children’s art activities at a biweekly farmer’s market. Art activities will be designed to help reinforce concepts presented in the STEAM Factory outreach presentations at the market.

Thurber House – $500

Thurber High School Library Program

Partnering with local libraries, the Thurber House educational programming features library based creative writing workshops.


About OAAE

It is the mission of the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education to ensure that the arts are an integral part of the education of every Ohioan. We believe that: * All children in school must have quality arts education provided by licensed arts educators * All Ohioans have the right to expect quality arts education * All arts programs must have adequate resources * All arts and cultural organizations and artists have a critical role in arts education Learn more at
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