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Please contact the members of the Senate Education Committee and request that SB3 (Hite/Faber) Testing/High Performing Schools be amended to eliminate two provisions for high performing school districts regarding teacher licensing:

  • Section 3302.16 (A)(4) exempts high performing school districts from requiring teachers to be licensed specifically in the subject area or grade level in which they are teaching.
  • Section 3302.16 (B) (1) allows the superintendent of a high performing school district, with board approval, to employ an individual “who is not licensed as required by sections 3319.22 to 3319.30 of the Revised Code, but who is otherwise qualified based on experience, to teach classes in the district.”

Both of these provisions could lead to individuals who are not appropriately qualified to teach the arts in Ohio classrooms.

Ohio already has a provision in current law allowing non-licensed instructors to teach for up to twelve hours per week (3319.301 ORC).  Ohio also has an alternative license program, which provides a different pathway for individuals to become licensed teachers.  These provisions already provide school districts with flexibility in finding and hiring licensed individuals to teach in Ohio’s schools.

SB3 could undermine the great track record that Ohio school districts have made to hire highly qualified and licensed teachers in the arts.  These teachers meet the graduation requirements of their institutions of higher education in their arts discipline, and also meet Ohio’s rigorous standards for beginning teachers, including passing a national assessment for teachers in their content area, and fulfilling all requirements for earning a permanent license.

Request that the Senate Education Committee eliminate the provisions that exempt high performing school districts from teacher licensing standards, to ensure that Ohio students continue to receive the highest quality of instruction from licensed teachers.

Senate Education Committee Members:

Senator Peggy Lehner, chair

Senator Cliff Hite, vice chair

Senator Troy Balderson

Senator Bill Coley

Senator Randy Gardner

Senator Kris Jordan

Senator Gayle Manning

Senator Bob Peterson

Senator Chris Widener

Senator Tom Sawyer

Senator Cecil Thomas

Senator Sandra Williams

Senator Kenny Yuko


The Senate Education Committee, chaired by Senator Peggy Lehner, has been holding hearings on SB3 (Hite/Faber) Testing/High Performing Schools, and expects to consider amendments to the bill this week.

The bill includes provisions that limit testing in Ohio’s schools in response to the increased frustration about over-testing.  The bill also establishes criteria to identify high performing school districts, and exempts those school districts from certain provisions in law, including provisions regarding teacher licensing standards.

Based on the proposed criteria about 125 districts would be consider high-performing this year. According to testimony provided by Ann Sheldon, executive director of the Ohio Association for Gifted Children, “Of those districts 73 have a third-grade reading proficiency rate of less than 95% (the rate required for high-performing in the governor’s budget bill); 37 districts have grades of “D” or “F” either for the overall or a sub-group value-added measure, and, finally, 93 of those districts have ACT remediation free rates of less than 50%.”

SB3 could undermine successful efforts in Ohio to ensure that all students have access to qualified teachers in the arts.  According to OAAE data for the 2012-13 school year, there were 8,990 arts teachers in Ohio’s traditional public schools.  Ninety-seven percent of those arts teachers were certified to teach courses in the arts, holding the appropriate multi-age license in an arts discipline.  In addition, 98.2 percent of arts courses were taught by a certified arts teacher in the 2012-13 school year.

Thank you for supporting the arts!


About OAAE

It is the mission of the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education to ensure that the arts are an integral part of the education of every Ohioan. We believe that: * All children in school must have quality arts education provided by licensed arts educators * All Ohioans have the right to expect quality arts education * All arts programs must have adequate resources * All arts and cultural organizations and artists have a critical role in arts education Learn more at
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