OAAE Video Contest

The Ohio Alliance for Arts Education invites students, parents, administrators, artists, and/or arts supporters to submit a short video exploring the necessity of the arts in Ohio education and the lives of Ohio citizens. This is a great project for students in film, music, dance, drama/theatre, visual arts, literary arts, and relevant school courses, as well as supporters of arts education.

PROJECT GUIDELINES: The sky is the limit! The first and final requirement = use your imagination. Videos can be dramatic, journalistic, docudrama, promotional … think it up, make it up, brainstorm with your friends, and turn in something incisive, inspiring, ingenious, and incredible.

TIME LIMIT: 1-2 minutes

PRIZES: 1st place prize—iPad or Tablet; 2nd place prize—flat screen television; additional awards for other outstanding submissions. Selected videos will be posted on the OAAE YouTube channel.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Quality, originality, and support of arts education.

DEADLINE: April 15, 2014

NOTIFICATION: Winners and others will be notified by June 1, 2014.

Create a 1-2 minute video promoting the value of the arts in your life and your education
Upload your video to YouTube with a relevant title
Send an email titled “OAAE Video Contest” to: dcollins@oaae.net with the following information:
1. Title of your video
2. Link to your video
3. Name of the person submitting the video
4. School/Town name
5. Phone number
6. Email address

NOTE: By submitting the link to your video, you are granting permission for OAAE to link
your video to the OAAE YouTube channel, and to use it in promoting arts education. You are responsible to obtain all permission from anyone in your video prior to submission. A formal terms and conditions document is available and will be required once your video is submitted.

*This project was adapted in Ohio from the Kansas State Alliance for Arts Education.

About OAAE

It is the mission of the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education to ensure that the arts are an integral part of the education of every Ohioan. We believe that: * All children in school must have quality arts education provided by licensed arts educators * All Ohioans have the right to expect quality arts education * All arts programs must have adequate resources * All arts and cultural organizations and artists have a critical role in arts education Learn more at www.oaae.net.
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