Arts on Line Update September 13, 2010

Dear Arts Education Advocates:

Hooray for arts educators!  Bravo for arts learners! Thank you to arts education advocates! This week marks the first Arts in Education Week of its kind as designated by Congress!  Joining in this momentous occasion was Governor Ted Strickland who provided the Ohio designation of Arts in Education Week at the request of the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education.

We have been overjoyed by the positive responses of our Mayors, Principals, District Superintendents, artists, educators, and local arts agencies for their support of Arts in Education Week!

Proclamations have been issued, arts exhibitions mounted in public places such as City Hall, videos created by students, research and information distributed statewide, and so much more. Arts in Education Week is a great start to the school year.

Thanks to everyone for their speedy response to the notice of Arts in Education Week – imagine what we might accomplish next year with plenty of lead time!

Until next time,

Donna S. Collins
Executive Director
Ohio Alliance for Arts Education

Arts on Line Update – September 13, 2010

News from the Statehouse:  The Ohio House and Senate have canceled the “if-needed” sessions scheduled for this week.  The only committees to meet are the The Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) and the Controlling Board.

*The School Funding Advisory Council, Regional Variation Subcommittee, will meet on Monday, September 13th from 1-4:00 PM at the Ohio School Boards Association, 8050 North High Street, Suite 100, Columbus, Ohio 43235.

The Full Council will meet on September 16, 2010 also at the Ohio School Boards Association. The agenda follows:

-10:00 AM – 12:00 PM:  Education Reform Tracking Subcommittee Meeting

-12:00 PM – 4:00 PM: Full Council Meeting Report from the Regional Variation Subcommittee (regional systems and ESCs, open enrollment); review of subcommittee recommendations; and discussion of decision-making process on recommendations.

The Educational Linkages, Special Needs, Learning Environments and Traditional Public/Community School Collaboration Subcommittees will not be meeting.

For information about the SFAC meetings, please click here.

News from Washington, D.C.

*Congress is expected to reconvene this week from its August Recess.
The U.S. House is scheduled to meet on September 14, and the Senate on September 13, 2010.  The legislative session will be short, because lawmakers expect to adjourn October 8th so that candidates in the November 2010 elections can return to their campaigns.  Lawmakers are not expected to meet the October 1, 2010 deadline to approve FY11 appropriations bills, and so a continuing resolution, which generally funds programs at FY10 levels, is likely.

*Blue Ribbon Schools:  U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced on September 9, 2010 the 2010 Blue Ribbon Schools. The 304 schools (254 public and 50 private) will be honored in a ceremony on November 15-16 in Washington, D.C.

Blue Ribbon Schools are selected through a rigorous process and criteria.  To qualify, at least 40 percent of students in a school must be from disadvantaged backgrounds, and students must achieve at high levels on state assessments.  413 schools nationwide can be nominated, based on the number of K-12 students and the number of schools in each state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. The chief state school officer nominates public schools, and the Council for American Private Education (CAPE) nominates private schools. The eligible schools are then invited by the secretary of education to submit an application for possible recognition as a Blue Ribbon School.

Ohio’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Deborah Delisle, announced last week that the following twelve Ohio schools had been selected as Blue Ribbon Schools for 2010:

Bay High School – Bay Village City Schools Chagrin Falls Middle School – Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Clermont Northeastern Elementary School – Clermont Northeastern Local Schools Communion of Saints Catholic School (Cleveland Heights) Dublin Jerome High School – Dublin City Schools Fredericktown Elementary School – Fredericktown Local Schools Poland Seminary High School – Poland Local Schools Robert A. Taft Information Technology High School – Cincinnati City Schools Royal View Elementary School – North Royalton City Schools St. Anselm School (Chesterland) St. Christopher School (Rocky River) St. Gabriel Consolidated School (Cincinnati) St. Raphael Catholic School (Bay Village) St. Susanna School (Mason) Schiel Primary School Arts Enrichment Elementary School – Cincinnati City Schools Solon Middle School – Solon City Schools Western Elementary School – Lexington Local Schools Whittier Elementary School – Massillon City Schools

For more information about Blue Ribbon Schools please click here.

*The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) and the NEA Foundation announced on September 7, 2010 a new initiative, Challenge to Innovate (C2i), to “identity and solve education’s most pressing classroom challenges.”

The U.S. DOE’s Open Innovation Portal will host the C2i in three phases.

Phase 1, September 7 – October 19, 2010.  Educators are asked to share a pressing classroom challenge that can be solved with $500 or less. The five ideas with the most votes, as judged by the Open Innovation Portal community, will each receive $1000 from the NEA Foundation.

Phase 2, November 16 through January 14, 2011.  Educators are asked to post the best solutions to the winning challenges.  Up to 10 solutions will receive a $2,500 implementation grant from the NEA Foundation for their schools.

Phase 3, January 17 through February 4, 2010. The NEA Foundation will select and post up to three solutions to receive a $5000 planning grant and technical support.

Educators can participate by joining the U.S. Department of Education’s (DOE) Open Innovation Portal.  The DOE’s Office of Innovation and Improvement launched the Open Innovation Portal in February 2010.

For more information about the C21 please click here.

State Board of Education to Meet:  The State Board of Education, Debbie Cain President, met on September 12, 2010 at the Embassy Suites, 2700 Corporate Exchange Drive, Columbus, OH and will meet on September 13 & 14, 2010 at the Ohio School for the Deaf, 500 Morse Road, Columbus, OH.

The Budget Subcommittee, chaired by Dennis Reardon, met on September 12, 2010 at 5:00 PM and received a presentation and discussed the Superintendent’s FY12-13 proposed budget.

On Monday, September 13, 2010 the Executive Committee, chaired by President Cain, will discuss the National Association of State Boards of Education’s (NASBE) summary of the SBE’s June 2010 retreat, and the NASBE slate of officers and by-law changes.

The Achievement Committee, chaired by Mike Collins, and the Capacity Committee, chaired by Rob Hovis, will meet at 9:00 PM.

The Achievement Committee will discuss and approve a resolution for an intent to adopt amended Rule 3301-35-11, Procedures for Evaluation and Intervention, and discuss integration of Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs and academic standards.

The Capacity Committee will discuss four items:
-Proposed Rules 3301-24-18,19,20,21,& 22, Resident Educator License and Alternative Resident Educator Licenses.
-Discuss and approve a resolution of intent to re-file Rules 3301-102-03 and 04 Community school sponsors.
-Discuss and approve a resolution of intent to adopt proposed standards for School Treasurers and Business Managers.
-Discuss the creation of a new Adams County Joint Vocational School District.

Board members will share reports from the committees that they serve on starting at 10:45 AM.

At 11:00 AM the State Board of Education will recognize the following Ohio Administrators:
-Superintendent of the Year: Gregg Morris, Clark Shawnee Local School District -Secondary Principal of the Year — Brenda Frankart, Liberty-Benton High School, Liberty-Benton Local -Distinguished Principal of the Year — Barbara Werstler, George G. Dodge Intermediate Schools, Twinsburg City Schools -BASA Betsey Cowles Award — Teresa Purses, Canton Local -Middle School Principal of the Year — Belinda Scott, RB Chamberlin Middle School, Twinsburg City Schools.

Following the lunch break the Board will receive a presentation and discuss the Superintendent’s FY12-13 proposed budget.

The Early Childhood Subcommittee, chaired by Kathy Leavenworth, will meet at 2:45 PM.  The subcommittee will review the scope of its work, discuss the role of the Early Childhood Advisory Council, and discuss the early childhood products and services administered by the Ohio Department of Education.

The Board will then conduct a Chapter 119 Hearing at 4:00 PM on the following rules:
-Rule 3301-15-02, Provisions for granting exemptions from statues and rules -Rule 3301-24-05, School Nurse Wellness Coordinator -Rule 3301-53-01 & 03, 3301-55-01 Special Education Programs


On Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 8:30 AM the Board will receive an update about the Education Management Information System (EMIS); receive a presentation from Francis Pompey, Chief Operating Officer and Roger Hardin, Assistant Director, School Options and Finance, regarding fiscal monitoring and oversight; and receive reports from the chairs of the Board committees and subcommittees.

The State Board of Education will begin its business meeting at 11:15 AM, and convene into an executive session. Following the executive session the Board will receive the report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, which will include an overview of the 2009-2010 State Report Card results. The Board will then accept public participation on agenda items; take action on eight-teen personnel items and other resolutions included in the report and recommendations of the Superintendent of Public Instruction; consider old business and new business; accept public participation on non-agenda items; and adjourn.

The following are the report and recommendations of the Superintendent of Public Instruction on the State Board of Education’s September agenda:

-Approve a resolution for an intent to adopt amended Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Rule 3301-35-11, Procedures for Evaluation and Intervention.
-Approve a resolution for an intent to rescind OAC Rule 3301-38-01, transfer of region within the Educational Regional Service System.
-Approve a resolution to re-file Rules 3301-102-03 and 04 Community school sponsors.
-Approve a resolution of intent to adopt Ohio Standards for School Treasurers and Business Managers.
-Approve a resolution of intent to consider the proposed transfer of school district territory from the Columbus City school District, Franklin County, to the Westerville City School District, Franklin County, pursuant to section 3311.24 of the Ohio Revised Code.
-Approve a resolution of intent to amend section 3.1 of the Anti-Harassment, Anti-Intimidation, or Anti-Bullying Model Policy.
-Approve a resolution to adopt OAC Rules 3301-2-14 to 3301-2-18, Confidential Personal Information.
-Approve a resolution to amend OAC Rule 3301-24-11, Alternative Principal License.
-Approve a resolution to adopt OAC Rules 3301-24-16 and 3301-24-17, senior professional educator license and lead professional educator license, and to amend rule 3301-24-08, professional or associate license renewal.
-Approve a resolution to amend OAC Rule 3301-37-01, definitions.
-Approve a resolution to make an appointment to the Educator Standards Board.

News from the ODE: The following information has been compiled from Ohio Department of Education (ODE) news releases and from Superintendent Delisle’s EdConnections Newsletter, which is published each Monday, and is available here.

-Teacher Team Meetings:  The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is inviting teachers to participate in the development of preK-12 curricula models through a series of teacher team meetings hosted by educational service centers.  The models will align with the academic content standards adopted by the State Board of Education in June 2010.

These meetings will be held during the evening and on weekends between September 18, 2010 and October 1, 2010.  Teachers will learn more about Ohio’s new preK-12 academic content standards, and will be asked to share instructional strategies and resources, which will be used to create Web-based curricula models. The Web-based tool will include multiple components providing instructional, curricular, and assessment guidance and support. Teachers can also earn three contact hours of professional development.

The State Board is scheduled to adopt the curricula models in March 2011, and then will begin to develop new statewide assessments, which will be field-tested in 2012-13.  The standards, curricula models, and assessments will be fully implemented in 2014-15.

For information about how to register for the team meetings, please click here.

Ohio Schools of Character Summit: Ohio Schools of Character Summit: Creating Smart and Good Schools, will be held on October 13, 2010 at the Fawcett Center in Columbus. The summit will provide strategies to create a positive school climate through character education.  The keynote speaker will be Matthew Davidson, president of the Institute for Ethics and Excellence and co-author of the Smart & Good High School Report.  The summit also includes over 20 breakout sessions.  For more information please click here.

Workshops on Project-Based Learning: The Educational Service Center of Central Ohio is offering a series of workshops on project-based learning (PBL).  The workshops will be lead by a representative of The Buck Institute of Education (BIE), and provide information about how to effectively support and lead teachers through the project design, assessment and management tools, video analysis of best classroom practices and online exploration of PBL.

Creativity Index Approved in Massachusetts: An article published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette entitled “New law aims to measure school creativity” by Owen Boss (August 18, 2010), describes a new law approved in Massachusetts to develop and implement a Creative Challenge Index.  The index will be used to rate how well a school district provides students with opportunities to develop creativity and innovation.

According to the article, the creativity index is the brainchild of Boston University professor Dan Hunter, and was sponsored in the Massachusetts legislature by State Senator Stanley C. Rosenberg and State Representative Daniel E. Bosley. (House No. 3547)

The legislation creates a 15-member commission that will create an index to measure the creative opportunities available in schools, such arts education programs, project-based learning, before and after-school programs, etc. Once the index is established, schools will be evaluated, and then receive a score.

To learn more about the legislation, please click here.

Questions Raised About “Learning Styles”:  The New York Times published on September 8, 2010 an article entitled “Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits” by Benedict Carey.  The article describes a recent report published in the journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest that reviewed the research on “learning styles” as strategy to improve student learning.  The report concludes that there is a lack of credible scientific research to support the learning styles hypothesis. The researchers found that while individuals might express a “preference about how they prefer information to be presented”, and have specific aptitudes for processing information, there are very few studies on learning styles that use “an experimental methodology capable of testing the validity of learning styles applied to education”. The review was conducted by Harold Palmer, Mark McDaniel, Dough Rohrer, and Robert Bjork at the University of California, San Diego.

An abstract of the review is available here.

The New York Times article is available here.

More Schools are Becoming Teacher Led Schools: An article in the Christian Science Monitor, “School teachers in charge?  Why some schools are forgoing principals” by Stacy Teicher Khadaroo (September 1, 2010), describes an increasing trend in which teachers are assuming the responsibilities for oversight and operations of a school, and the principal’s position is eliminated. The trend, which began in the 1970s in New York City, is becoming more popular now as education reform efforts are placing more emphasis on teacher accountability. Some teachers are advocating for more decision-making authority at the school level in return for more responsibilities and increased accountability.

According to the article, teachers are now in charge of some schools in cities such as Detroit, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Boston, Denver, Newark, Minneapolis, etc. The organizational model for teacher-led schools is based on individual schools, but often includes shared decision-making, a collaborative school culture, and teacher-leaders, who take-on responsibilities such as teacher evaluation.

The article is available here.

Minnesota Charter Schools Feel the Effects of New Law: Minnesota Public Radio reported on August 30, 2010 a story entitled “New oversight law worries charter schools” by Tom Weber. The law, adopted in 2009, strengthens oversight of Minnesota’s 152 charter schools by increasing oversight of charter school authorizers, sometimes known as charter school sponsors. The law, sponsored by State Senator Kathy Saltzman, requires authorizers to demonstrate financial viability; demonstrate that they have the staffing capacity to assist the schools that they charter; show how they will manage the schools that they charter; and show how they will measure student achievement and benchmark the progress of the school.

Current charter school authorizers in Minnesota must also reapply and be approved by the Minnesota Department of Education using the new authorizer standards.

The article is available here.


*The Ohio Alliance for Arts Education wants to thank Ohio communities, organizations, and schools that are celebrating “Arts in Education Week”, September 12-18, 2010. How are you celebrating “Arts in Education Week”? Send us your stories!

-This week the Ohio Department of Education’s web site highlights
“Arts in Education Week” on its front page with a link to an article by Pat Husted about two photographers, Brandi Chambers, a 2005 graduate of Fairfield High School and the Butler Technology and Career Development Schools, and Chelsea Grachek, a 2009 graduate of Carlisle High School and Miami Valley Career and Technology Center. These young successful artists illustrate why it is so important for students to have access to high quality arts education programs as a part of a comprehensive education program.  As students these young women participated in career-technology courses, Communications Broadcasting and Graphic Commercial Photography, included in the Arts and Communication Career Field, to learn to become photographers. The Arts and Communications Career Field includes forty courses that can lead to careers in Media Arts, Visual Design and Imaging, and Performing Arts (which includes dancers and musicians.)  In FY2010 there were more than 1,700 Ohio high school students in Arts and Communication courses. (This number excludes foundation class enrollment.)

To read this article click here.

*News from the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network (KCAAEN)

-ARTSEDGE to Re-launch:  A new-updated ARTSEDGE website will be re-launched on October 2, 2010 by the Kennedy Center.  ARTSEDGE was developed more than ten years ago by the Kennedy Center, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the U.S. Department of Education.  It provides educators with lesson plans, multi-media resources, footage from performances, etc. to support arts education programs.  The new site incorporates the latest technologies to support classroom instruction, and includes a wide variety of videos of performances and interviews with artists. ARTSEDGE website.

-Information about Arts Series Now Online:  Information about the
2010-2011 broadcasts of the Kennedy Center Distance Learning
Performing Arts Series is now available online here.

The Performing Arts Series is a distance learning program that
utilizes interactive capabilities of satellite broadcasting,
educational cable and public broadcasting, and the Web to bring the
artistic resources of the Kennedy Center to students and educators.
The series features artists and companies who perform at the Kennedy
Center, and is free to teachers and students.

The new season includes nine new programs and two rebroadcasts, including the following performers: Stephen Schwartz, Suzanne Farrell, Eldar and his trio, the Tambuco Percussion Ensemble from Mexico, musicians and dancers from the maximum INDIA Festival, Jacqueline Woodson, Richard Peck, Linda Sue Park, Poets and Presidents, the Bill T Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, and more.

All programs are broadcast via cable/satellite and the Web from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. ET.  Programs from past seasons along with background information, resources, and instructional activities are posted under “Archives” on the website.


About OAAE

Since our founding in 1974, by Dr. Dick Shoup and Jerry Tollifson, our mission has always been to ensure the arts are an integral part of the education of every Ohioan. Working at the local, state, and federal levels through the efforts of a highly qualified and elected Board of Directors, our members, and a professional staff we have four primary areas of focus: building collaborations, professional development, advocacy, and capacity building. The OAAE is funded in part for its day-to-day operation by the Ohio Arts Council. This support makes it possible for the OAAE to operate its office in Columbus and to work statewide to ensure the arts are an integral part of the education of every Ohioan. Support for arts education projects comes from the Ohio Arts Council, Ohio Music Education Association, Ohio Art Education Association, Ohio Educational Theatre Association, VSA Ohio, and OhioDance. The Community Arts Education programs of Central Ohio are financially assisted by the Franklin County Board of Commissioners and the Greater Columbus Arts Council. We gratefully acknowledge and appreciate the financial support received from each of these outstanding agencies and organizations.
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